Doorsight dashboard
Employer Branding

Insights in the expectations and experiences of employees that drive your Employer Brand

Insights and HR Analytics

Measure the impact of recruitment and talent management programs on a weekly basis

Strategic target segments

A unique approach to implement and improve a Target Segment strategy in Recruitment and HR


At every ‘moment-of-truth’, Doorsight measures the expectations, experiences and cultural fit of your employees, from the moment they join until they leave. Doorsight HR analytics provides you with the most useful management information. Take a look at an example of the Doorsight dashboard.

The Talent Lifecycle

Many organizations find it difficult to identify the drivers behind the inflow, internal mobility and outflow of talented employees. Data on this matter is often fragmented, incomplete and obsolete. This makes it impossible to take corrective actions, or to develop new policies. Doorsight HR analytics is inspired and developed in cooperation with a number of (inter-)national clients that needed better insights for their journey towards being an Employer of Choice.

The Talent Lifecycle

How it works

Doorsight gives a voice to talent - without any work or hassle on your side. At the moments-of-truth for talent, we engage with them in small dialogs on their smartphone. They share their experiences and expectations and reply to specific questions. All responses are kept anonymously in your (secure) dashboard.

How it works
  • A voice for talent
  • Always voluntary and anonymously
  • Ideal for strategic target groups
  • Cloudbased and SSL Secured
  • Compatible with your ATS/Talent Suite


Imaging having all relevant information about the 'candidate- and employee journeys' in one place, from application to exit. Doorsight provides an online dashboard in the cloud with (realtime) KPIs for your recruitment and HR processes and your Employer Brand. Different managers have their own personal log-in with access to the information that is relevant for them. All respondent information is always anonymous and not personally identifiable.

Ideal for recruitment target groups

Doorsight provides successful interaction with candidates and employees and provides an insightful overview of their expectations and experiences. It's possible to start using doorsight only for a specific targetsegmeng or campaign - a great way to discover all the benefits.

Unique self-learning technology (BETA)

Unique self-learning technology (BETA)

Doorsight deploys unique 'crowd-wisdom' to validate and sharpen your EVP (Employee Value Proposition).


Doorsight has questions about the personal values of people, and those that they regard as typical for the organisation. Because all values are linked to twelve different archetypes, the (brand) personality of your employees and your organisation can be uncovered.

Doorsight Brandwheel

Targetgroup ROI calculator

Smart improvements can make a big difference. Use the ROI tool to get a first idea of the potential benefits of a targetgroup program.

  • Quality of Hire: What is the financial impact of recruiting a 'high performer' more often, e.g. 5%
  • Engagement: What is the financial impact of taking frustrations away and getting 1% more happy and productive employees?
  • Regretted-loss: What if you could retain great employees for a longer period - even if only 5% longer?
Number of employees
How many employee are in the targetgroup today?
Hiring need next year
How many additional employees do you need to recruit in the next year?
Cost per employee
What is the total average cost per employee per year?
Cost of hiring
What % are hiring cost of the total cost of employees? Research indicates this can range from 20% to 200%, including recruitment, onboarding, training etc.
Retention (months)
How long do employees stay in their job on average (months)
Additional contribution
How much higher (%) is the contribution of a high performer compared to a solid performer? Research indicates that e.g. a great software developer can contribute 1000% more value by creating shorter code, with less errors etc.


Yearly contribution from improvements
  • Regretted Loss
    Lower cost of replacing employees
  • Engagement
    Higher contributions from more engaged employees
  • Quality of Hire
    Higher contributions from hiring more productive employees

Clients of Employer Brand Insights

Doorsight® is a service by Employer Brand Insights, housed in The Netherlands and developed under the supervision of Bjorn Veenstra and Job Mensink. Two experienced Employer Branding professionals with broad international experience in brand management, market research and talent management. The following companies are clients of Employer Brand Insights.

Getting started with Doorsight

Getting started with Doorsight

Doorsight can be operational within a month. Doorsight has no limitations related to the size or your organization and can be implemented across different countries, business units or target groups. Doorsight can be used via licence for multiple years. The below schedule can vary per country.

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