Doorsight dashboard
Doorsight dashboard

For the ‘better every day' employers

Continuous improvement with the smart successor of the employee survey.

Better every day

Understand the organisation of today. Work on the organisation of tomorrow.

Care for talent

Direct insight into sentiment and eNPS. Follow developments from day one.

Save time and money

Get rid of time-consuming investigations and thick reports.

HR and IT managers talking about Doorsight in practice.

Feedback from employees. We take care of it.

Doorsight gives new and existing employees a voice. The feedback that is retrieved gives you continuous insight into your performance as an employer. Your organisation’s success is partly determined by the high response and commitment of employees when giving feedback. This ensures you receive reliable and current feedback. Doorsight ‘knows’ the organisation and processes feedback automatically with the right target group and department.

Unique self-learning technology (BETA)

Employee experience pictured. Directly to the point.

A successful click between people and the organisation arises from the expectations and experiences of employees. Doorsight provides a clear picture of this for managers and HR. The dashboard provides a current overview of the different phases of the ‘customer journey’, from application all the way to departure. Next to concrete areas for improvement, Doorsight also maps strategic factors such as the most important values that predict whether someone will become an ambassador of the organisation.

No hassle. Save time.

Doorsight takes care of all the ‘hassle’ and continuously offers all managers a current overview with inspiring insights and suggestions for improvement. HR professionals can focus on a well-substantiated conversation with managers instead of making reports.

With a secure link with your HR system (such as Afas), all necessary data can be processed daily and sent automatically. Many Doorsight customers choose an SSO link, so that managers can receive access to the dashboard from their familiar starting page without an additional password.

Ervaringen van klanten.

Current insights that you can use today.

“Since we stopped the annual Engagement Survey, our focus is on continuous improvement rather than making heavy reports. Employees are no longer interested in participating in long surveys. We typically received the results months later. Obsolete upon delivery, basically. Our organisation is always in motion and that is why we have chosen to stop lagging behind and measure continuously with short surveys.”

HR Manager at production company

Making data-driven steps. Show that HR is in motion.

"Our colleagues from Marketing, Customer Service and Finance have made major steps in recent years. While the HR department stayed behind and handled data and analyses fairly traditionally. This did not go unnoticed with the MT, which loves to see all departments operate in a data-driven way. We resolved the growing need to also substantiate our decisions with data in one go."

HR Director at employment agency

Pride and ambassadorship starts with the click with your culture.

“As Employer Brand Manager, I am always looking for the specific values and properties of our culture where our high performers feel at home. So that we can fundamentally take Cultural Fit into account in our recruitment and selection. We are now able to build a substantiated profile of our top talents and adjust our recruitment campaigns accordingly.”

Employer Brand Manager at financial institution

Committed and inspired colleagues. It starts with leadership.

“People come for the organisation and leave for the manager. We want to strengthen our team leaders’ leadership by giving them clear and good insight into the feedback from employees. With a positive approach: where are things going well and what can we learn from each other. Every supervisor now has three points of attention per month to focus on with the team."

Learning & Development Manager at retail organisation

Getting started with Doorsight

Prices and possibilities.

Doorsight works for organisations from 50 employees and above. It is possible to only use Doorsight for the main target groups, locations and/or only specific phases such as Application or Onboarding. The best insights on experiences and expectations can be retrieved by measuring the entire ‘employee journey’. Doorsight works easily based on an annual licence fee. Please contact us for a customised price for your organisation.

Curious about the possibilities? Request a free demo. We want to show you how to successfully use Doorsight for your organisation. Get in touch