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A strong employer brand starts with the Employer Brand Scan. ‘Where do we stand, what do we want to accomplish, what are our drivers, and how do we want to connect current and new employees to our company culture?’ The Employer Brand Scan provides you with an innovative tool for your employer branding strategy. It delivers concrete insights and recommendations for quick wins and strategic options for HR, Recruitment and Communication.

The Employer Brand Scan can be used across different locations, divisions, target groups and/or countries.


The Employer Brand Scan is a short online survey (>30 respondents). It identifies the unique features of your organization as seen by employees and management (today and tomorrow). Values and drivers, ambassadorship, company culture and employer personality are being measured. Finally, it provides a framework of insights and recommendations that can be used to address different HR and Talent Management opportunities.

How it works

Without any additional cost the survey can be extended with extra questions about your corporate values and other important themes. Customizable, and can be used internationally in English and Dutch. The Employer Brand Scan is designed to have a response time of not more than 20 minutes for at least 80% of the participants.


It is possible to add extra questions, for example for testing your current core values.

  • Online (PC, tablet or smartphone)
  • SSL Secured
  • Anonymous and voluntary participation
  • Internationally available
  • Result within 8 weeks
How to use

How to use

  • Insights in the DNA of your Employer Brand
  • Strategic options for HR, Recruitment and Communication
  • The foundation for a unique and distinctive employer proposition
  • Building blocks for the briefing to your marketing or communication agency
  • Baseline measurement for your HR-, recruitment- or communication-activities

Customer testimonials

The Employer Brand Scan® is a service by Employer Brand Insights, housed in The Netherlands and developed under the supervision of Bjorn Veenstra and Job Mensink. Two experienced Employer Branding professionals with international experience in brand management, market research and talent management. The following companies are clients of Employer Brand Insights.

"The Employer Brand Scan was new to us and has surprised us with clear insights about our employer brand’s values, motivators, and how it is experienced in general."

HR Manager, Rabobank Netherlands Group ICT

"The Employer Brand Scan® helped us to identify strengths and weaknesses in our Employer Brand across the different countries and departments. It provided us with clear insights and helped to define our value proposition for two specific target segments."

Recruitment Manager, KPMG The Netherlands

"The Employer Brand Scan® and the target group Persona documents really helped us to identify not only the core benefits in our overall employee value proposition, but also the specific messaging needed to connect and engage with our top three target profiles."

Director Human Capital, Philips

Getting started with the Employer Brand Scan

The Employer Brand Scan can be operational within a month. The Employer Brand Scan has no limitations with regard to the size or your organization, and can be implemented across different countries, business units or target groups.

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